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CCTVLiving Design has the experience and technical expertise to deliver high quality video surveillance images in your home or workplace. In today's world we all know the importance of keeping our loved ones and possessions safe and secure. Video surveillance is an important tool that if properly implemented can provide you with a greater sense of security and peace of mind. Perhaps your need is as simple as seeing who is at the front door or gate or perhaps you have kids and wish to keep an eye on them in the pool. We can offer you a multi-camera, property-wide system that allows you to view any camera from televisions and touch screens in your property. You can even have access from your computer whether you are home or away therefore allowing you to have 24 hour access to monitor and control your CCTV system. For added extra security these systems are also available with central monitoring.

Security Systems
SecurityAt Living Design we can design and install a system integrating an intruder alarm, home automation, voicemail and intercom which is easy-to-use, convenient and affordable. The system allows you to control and monitor your home security, home appliances and lighting from any telephone, keypad, handheld remote control, computer or from the internet. The system allows you to remain connected to your home wherever you are - you can talk to visitors at the door, hear your messages, and listen to sounds or activity in the event of an alarm. The installed system enables you to dial home from anywhere in the world to check if you left the lights or appliances on, or if you forgot to arm the security system, and to control your home. With this system, home security and home appliances can be linked together to act intelligently, for example when the system is armed to Away Mode, all the lights, air-conditioning, or other appliances can be switched off, or when you come home at night, the car porch light and main entrance light can be turned on automatically.

Telephone Systems
Telephone Systems Living Design provides telephone systems which are usually used for small business applications but are surprisingly convenient in the home. Common telephone system features include whole house paging, room to room intercom, voice mail, caller ID and call forwarding. We also offer a range of voice over IP and GSM solutions. Our engineers are trained to install and commission these telephones systems offering you low cost routing to keep your call costs down and some are even free.

Data Networks
Data Networks Living Design offers integrated data solutions using the latest technology. Our engineers are trained to install Cat 5, 6, 7 and 8 cabling, patch panels, routers, modems, print servers, data switches and wireless access points.

Home Automation
Home Automation At Living Design we can design a system to control all your electronic devices throughout your home i.e. audio, visual, lighting, heating, security, and HVAC which can be controlled either locally or remotely. At the touch of a button you can turn on your screen - the lights would dim, the curtains would close and your film would begin for your viewing pleasure. The possibilities are endless - systems of this nature require detailed design and planning.

Home Theatre Systems
Home Theatre Systems Living Design can bring the magic of real cinema into your home. We can create the big screen experience incorporating the latest 2.35:1 technology using a high definition projector onto a high quality screen or high definition flat panel display. Combine this with eight channel surround sound throughout the room and you will feel part of the action.

With a mere touch of a button the mood is set - curtains close, lights dim and the screen appears - now just sit down, relax and enjoy the experience!

Alternatively a home cinema can be concealed within your lounge area or family room without compromising on quality or style. This is a very popular option if space is of a premium.

Video Projection Systems
Video ProjectionAt Living design we can design and install video projection systems that can give you true widescreen images of high quality. There are various options depending on where the equipment is to be installed. The systems can be ceiling mounted, floor mounted or rear projection (where the projector sits behind the screen). The images are projected onto high definition, bright high gain screens offering the latest cinemascope 2.35:1 ratio. Again there are various options for screen positioning i.e. concealed or not. We can design you the ultimate package whether it be simple or sophisticated the choice is yours!

Multi-Room Control
Multi Room Controls At Living Design we can design and install a comprehensive entertainment system tailored to your needs which can give you the facility to be able to watch TV, DVD's or listen to music in any room around your home. This enables you to access the same or different sources at the same time with differing volume levels. Equipment and speakers can be concealed so no compromise has to be made on the interior design. These systems can also be designed with the added function of being able to listen to music in the garden - perfect for a summer barbecue! - considering our British weather we would use special waterproof speakers.

Conference Rooms
Conference Room At Living Design we can provide you with the latest automated technology for your business needs. Systems can be integrated to satisfy your audio and visual communication requirements. Using a combination of computers, laptops, projectors, speakers, lighting and motorised blinds we can design and install your state of the art board rooms, training rooms and conference rooms which will add to any presentation you give.

Structured Wiring
Structured Wiring Living Design can design and install a structured cabling network which is important to future proof your home. We design a cabling network to support what your requirements are today but also to ensure any future requirements are accounted for and therefore should not cause any major disruption. We can design networks capable of supporting video, audio, data, control, security and telecommunications.

Lighting Design and Control Systems
Lighting Living Design offers integrated lighting automation and control. Effective lighting can transform your home with the touch of a button. The systems can be programmed for task lighting or mood lighting depending on your requirements. Scenes can be set for various moods whether you are watching TV or dining with friends. Lighting sets the perfect scene and creates the desired ambience for any occasion. The correct lighting system can help to economise on energy consumption by automatically turning lights on/off when you enter/exit a room. For added security the system can also be set to control your lights whilst you are away from home.

HDTV At Living design we offer a wide range of high definition displays from a small 19 flat panel through to 150 plasma TVs and projector systems.

New Build and Retro-Fit
New Build New build is an open book - What a wonderful opportunity to plan for both now and the future. We can discuss the various options open to you and design a structured cabling network that will satisfy your requirements for today but ensure that our design is as future-proof as possible, enabling you to expand tomorrow. To get the best of our expertise we suggest that you contact us sooner rather than later, so that we can discuss the many options open to you. We are more than happy to discuss your requirements with your architect even before your plans are completed.
Renovation projects also offer potential similar to new build with regard to the design of a bespoke multi-room audio / visual and home automation systems.
We also have vast experience installing systems into finished properties enabling work to be carried out with a minimum of disruption.

Video Distribution
Video Distribution Living Design can install systems with the facility that allows the distribution of multiple sources (e.g. DVD, Satellite TV, games consoles and cameras) to multiple screens throughout your home at the same time. For example you could be watching Sky TV in the lounge while your children play on the Playstation in the bedroom or vice versa.

Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning - HVAC
HVAC Living Design can combine your HVAC system with home automation and therefore give you the facility to control the climate in any room in your property either locally or remotely. These systems can allow you to zone specific areas enabling you to turn heating and cooling off when areas are not in use giving an energy saving benefit which therefore reduces running costs. Swimming pools and spa`s can also be controlled via these systems.

Invisible Speakers
Invisible Speakers Living Design can offer a wide range of discreet/invisible speakers which consist of ceiling speakers, wall speakers, plaster in-wall speakers and speakers mounted behind acoustically transparent fabric. All of these can be accompanied with discreet in-wall sub woofers.